Geo9 brings an exploration perspective to the understanding of groundwater.

Our company was started by a core team of highly experienced exploration geologists with a strong research focus. Our service enables full spatial understanding of aquifer parameters and extent to be comprehensively mapped, modelled and monitored.

We are also proud to be an early commercialization partner for Water Monitoring From Space satellite gravity initiatives of the German Research Centre for Geosciences.

Hydrogeological Services
  • Groundwater exploration

  • Geospatial mapping

  • Geophysical Investigations

  • 3D and 4D aquifer mapping

  • Drilling target identification

  • Drilling & test pumping management

  • Pump out interpretation

  • Determination of aquifer properties

  • Aquifer connectivity mapping

  • Contaminant and leachate mapping

  • Water quality assessment & mapping

  • Managed aquifer recharge

  • Dynamic recharge modelling

  • Advanced groundwater modelling

  • Mine dewatering

Hydrological Services
  • Agricultural water management

  • Mine water management

  • Water quality and monitoring assessments

  • Water resource risk assessments

  • Catchment management

  • Water resource yield analysis

  • Rainfall runoff & soil water modelling

  • Systems modelling and decision support

  • Dynamic water balance modelling

  • Sediment and pollution control

  • Drainage and sediment studies