Geo9 was co-founded by Maya Sydney in 2009. Maya has a track record in bringing together new technology and teams to create better solutions for the earth and our life on it.

From the get-go, Geo9 has delivered innovative environmental mapping services utilising a range of datasets, innovative applications of geophysics and the skills of highly talented exploration geologists.

With her early Australian team, Maya generated hundreds of groundwater-related projects in agriculture, mining and environmental management; dam seepage studies; innovative geotechnical applications of geophysics and novel 3D contamination mapping in Australia and also in China as demonstration projects for the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning.

In 2017, she was personally engaged to help the commercial launch of advanced hyperspectral mapping technology and satellite gravity large scale water monitoring projects developed by the German Research Centre for Geosciences. Later with a European-based team, during 2020, the company also conducted a multi-stakeholder water management project for three northern States in Nigeria.

Maya has also provided ongoing investment and business development support for emerging innovators in the fields of water treatment, tailings treatment, energy solutions, and oil and gasfield management. This started with promoting solutions to Australian governments for the growing onshore development of coal seam gas since 2015 and continues to this day.

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