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Our groundwater exploration program is an affordable and systematic process that takes the guesswork out of drilling.

Maya Sydney

DAMS are empty, creeks are drying up and bores are in overdrive as drought tightens its grip. Landholders are weighing up their options, and Geo9 is providing an alternative water solution.

By Amelia Ahern

The company uses science and technology to find bore water and get drilling results.

Managing director Maya Sydney said the company used the skills of exploration geologists, hydrogeologists, remote-sensing and geophysical experts.

“We are more busy than we have been in the past, and that is directly related to drought conditions,” Maya said.

“We’ve got about seven projects in Central Queensland at the moment.

“Our groundwater exploration program is an affordable and systematic process that takes the guesswork out of drilling.”

Geo9 has partnered with other organisations, such as Emerald’s 4T Consultants, to give landholders information about the rock types, subsurface structure, and known bore and groundwater resources.

“We work in aquifer mapping, groundwater and minerals exploration, dam seepage, contamination mapping, geotechnical surveys and multi-temporal remote-sensing,” Maya said.

“It’s about providing fair and independent assessments.”

When asked if it is expensive, Maya said “not when you compare it to drilling”.

“If you have water, the value of the property increases,” she said.

“We give landholders valuable information and explain the geology of their property.”

Geo9 has a team of 10 professionals and has been running for 12 years.

“Our approach brings expert perspectives to the study of water,” Maya said.

“We use professionals with very specialised skills, who are sought-after by mining companies who pay very well.

“I met a chap in 2002 in a similar line of work and was called in to help.

“I thought it was a wonderful business concept to help.

“I realised there were ways to help farmers, and the passion never waned.”

Maya will be speaking at the Lochington drought forum at 9.30am on Thursday at the Lochington State School.

Originally published as Geo9 provides water solutions for Central Highlands farmers

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