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Groundwater Exploration

At Geo9 we use a scientific approach to find water and get you the best drilling result. Geo9’s service is an affordable, systematic program that reduces your drilling risk.


Avoid the cost and disappointment of getting it wrong. Talk to us before you drill and get the best results. We provide expert geological advice using the latest scientific techniques.

Aussie farmers may be able to claim the cost of the groundwater exploration service as part of Federal & State government drought assistance packages & loans.


Groundwater Report

Our geologists research geological, satellite and airborne geophysical and hydrogeological data relevant to your property. Here in Geo9's office, we study the rock types, subsurface structure, known bores and groundwater resources in your region. You will receive an interactive online presentation that is recorded and our geologist reviews findings with you before going any further.

On-site Exploration

In this stage, geophysical data is collected from your property with Geo9’s portable seismoelectric/electrotelluric survey method. We'll send our surveyor on-site or if you are technically inclined, you can collect data under our instruction using Geo9’s DIY survey kit. Data from your property is processed to create subsurface maps. This underground view of your property is studied by our team to determine precise drilling targets and depths. You will receive an interactive online presentation that is recorded that explains the findings from this stage and recommendations from Geo9 geologists for drilling targets.

Drilling + Groundwater Management

If drilling targets have been identified in Stage 2, Geo9 supervise the project through to drilling completion to ensure the optimum outcome from your project. Geo9 can assist with driller selection, briefing and management to ensure best practice to completion of the project. We can help with handling, geological characterisation, flow testing and provide recommendations for pumping and ongoing management to ensure long term sustainable use of your groundwater source.

Geo9’s groundwater exploration service is scientifically advanced and affordable.

Ensure the best possible drilling results and map aquifers in 3D with our expert advice. We go anywhere in Australia or internationally.

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Science or divining?

Have you ever wondered if the diviner picked the best spot? If you have had a diviner find a spot on your property and you would like a second opinion, Geo9 can check it with the latest technology. And if you prefer a scientific approach, you will find that our process answers all the questions you’ve ever had about the groundwater potential of your property.

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